Brief History of Kelm Engineering, LLC

Kelm Engineering was formed in 1999 as a sole proprietor engineering business from my home in Danbury, Texas. Having come from 12 years in the petrochemical industry and a couple years of consulting work, our initial business was related to chemical production plants. The majority of the initial business was related to vibration analysis, field balancing and machinery dynamics field support. Our first business investment (after a few data collection gadgets from online auction purchases) was a finite element analysis package, ANSYS. That turned out to be one of the better business investments since FEA analysis continues to be a key service provided.

After several years, there were several field service jobs that involved acoustical pulsations in piping systems including reciprocating pumps and positive displacement blowers. This motivated me to learn the math involved to solve acoustical problems that eventually turned into a custom software tool that allowed analysis of piping acoustics. This was later upgraded to a commercial acoustical analysis tool along with piping modeling software.

Torsional vibration analysis and field testing opportunities pushed me to develop field testing techniques for torsional vibration. This now includes the use of optical encoders and gear tooth modulation methods as well as strain gage based torsional vibration and dynamic torque measurement.

As the business has grown, much of the work is based on a mixture of field testing and analytical engineering. This was the basis for the slogan "Turning theory into practical solutions" since many problems have been solved using both analytical modeling as well as practical solutions that can be easily implemented. Using the latest analytical techniques along with field data, very accurate solutions can be developed and validated.

After a short time with an office in Angleton, Texas, the company was moved and incorporated in January 2010 as Kelm Engineering, LLC with an office located in Friendswood, Texas. Although we are based in the Greater Houston area, our projects continue to be located around the nation and the globe.

-- Ray Kelm, Owner and Chief Engineer