Reliability engineers are often focused on using data-based decisions to identify the "bad actors" in the plant, based on lost production, maintenance and repair cost, and/or safety or environmental criteria. Kelm Engineering is well equipped to identify solutions to high profile reliability problems on a variety of rotating and reciprocating machinery. It is common that identifying solutions can require creative field testing to provide additional data to define the range of normal or occasional operating conditions, or may involve complex analytical skills, such as finite element analysis, to determine stresses or dynamic response. We have the skills and tools to provide the focused problem solving skills that many reliability engineers either need help with or simply don't have the time to complete.


Kelm’s Approach to Machinery Reliability Improvement

Many problems don't require a single analysis/solution approach. Many projects we have completed have involved a mixture of analytical engineering along with field testing. We are highly skilled and experienced engineers with a proven track record of identifying practical solutions to a variety of machinery problems using an effective mix of analytical tools and field testing. Some of the more common problems our engineering company has encountered and solved include:

  • Repetitive component failures
  • Piping fatigue and excessive vibration
  • Performance and efficiency verification
  • Piping strain and thermal growth
  • Upgrades to existing hardware, including bearings, couplings, and shaft details.
  • Reduction of noise and pressure pulsations on pumps and compressors
  • Failure analysis and root cause identification based on review of damaged parts or analytical reviews


Contact Kelm for Machinery Reliability Improvement

Machinery and other equipment undergo constant stress. Make certain that your assets are reliable by having Kelm Engineering conduct necessary tests. Our Texas engineering services firm has been assisting corporations and companies in the industrial and oil and gas industries since 1999. Contact our firm today and take the proper steps toward maintaining your equipment and machinery.